MDC-T slept on the job

EDITOR — There are many ordinary Zimbabweans like me who are not surprised by the ZANU-PF victory, the margin of it or the rejection of the result by MDC-T.tsvangirai-mo LEADThe Morgan Tsvangirai-led party slept on the job, suckling an unwarranted sense of entitlement, while ZANU-PF took steps to seek to recover ground lost in 2008. Simple media folk sang a lullaby to the MDC-T.
Consider this, if in the backdrop of 2008 “meltdown”, Tsvangirai could only make inroads but fail to dislodge ZANU-PF, there was no way in 2013 when familiarity had bred contempt for the MDC-T, he was going to win except with a humongous effort, which was lacking in his party.
In brief, the MDC-T forgot there was an election due in 2013 and did everything to forestall it when they realised it was upon them. We were watching!
As for United States Vice President John Kerry and William Hague, the foreign secretary for the British government, their responses serve to bolster our stance that President Robert Mugabe is right, as we were to extend to him an absolute majority.
They are the reason why Tsvangirai kept threatening us with dire consequences if he lost the elections. Punish us all you want for our choice and voice at the poll; it’s clear you want to rule us by proxy and we will have none of that!



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