MPS to be issued in due course

EDITOR — Section 46 of the RBZ Act, Chapter 22:15 requires, bi-annually in June and December, the governor to submit to the Minister of Finance a Policy Statement containing:(a) A description of the monetary policy to be followed by the bank during the next succeeding six months and a statement of the reasons for those policies;  and
(b) A statement of the principles that the bank proposes to follow in the implementation of the monetary policy ; and
(c) An evaluation of the monetary policy and its implementation for the last preceding six months.
The next six months will to a very large extent depend on the outcome of the harmonised elections.
Against this background, and with concurrence of the Minister, I hereby advise the market that a post-election Monetary Policy Statement will be issued on a date to be advised in August, 2013.
Until then, banking-sector players and all stakeholders should go about their business in the normal way, remembering that the saying “Peace begins with me; Peace begins with you and Peace begins with all of us” must remain our Zimbabwean prayer.
The economy desperately needs a “clear winner and a peaceful ending to the electoral processes” for it to stabilise and prosper.

Gideon Gono
RBZ Governor

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