No need for Zuma mediation – Zanu-PF

Zuma Mugabe No need for Zuma mediation – Zanu PF

Zanu-PF has rejected President Jacob Zuma’s continued mediation in Zimbabwe, saying there was no longer a need for it after last week’s polls, which saw a resounding win for the incumbent president, Robert Mugabe.

Mail & Guardian reported today that Zanu-PF’s spokesperson, Joram Gumbo, said his party was of the view that Zuma’s role was no longer necessary.

“We believe that Mugabe’s landslide victory has put an end to facilitation. There is no need for facilitation in Zimbabwe any more.”

Zimbabwe last week voted in elections which have been dismissed by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai as a “sham”, saying the whole electoral process was fraught with irregularities.

Tsvangirai’s outcry stands in contradiction with some Southern African Development Community leaders, including Zuma, who have already congratulated Mugabe for his victory.

Tsvangirai and his party are preparing to mount a legal and political challenge against the vote.

But Ricky Mukonza, a public management lecturer at the Tshwane University of Technology, said unless the MDC is able to provide irrefutable evidence for vote-rigging claims, Zuma’s facilitation services in Zimbabwe would not be necessary.

“He (Zuma) as well might be tired of the Zimbabwean issue, as shown by his early congratulatory message. Remember, he has his own 2014 elections to concentrate on.

“Zimbabwe will not be a priority for him going forward,” said Mukonza.

Mugabe and Tsvangirai entered into a shaky unity government in February 2009.

That accord stipulated a number of reforms that were aimed at creating conditions necessary for a free and fair poll following the holding of a string of disputed elections in Zimbabwe, but Zanu-PF resisted most of the reforms, which included media and security sector amendments.

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