The most compact vesatile mounting bracket for PV under the sun

Roof Tech [E] Mount® is the compact, versatile mounting bracket designed in Japan to become available in the US market soon

There has never been a mounting bracket as compact and elegant as the Roof Tech [E] Mount.
Instead of placing solar panels on top of long rails, simply attach [E] Mount brackets to rafters and roof decking. Once panels are fastened to brackets, the system array becomes electrically bonded.
[E] Mount comes with all parts in one compact box, complete with butyl rubber flashing, renowed for its watertight performance and durability. The result is a visually seamless PV installation that stands the test of times.


About Roof Tech, Inc.

Roof Tech, located in Novato, California, is the first U.S.-based operation established by Yanegiken, a Japanese company founded in 1968 to research and develop new roofing technologies. Yanegiken has established joint development agreements with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar power systems, including Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Sharp, Panasonic, and Kyocera. Yanegiken earned its IS09001: 1994 Certification in 2000, and its ISO14001: 2004 Certification in 2006.


Roof Tech, Inc.

92 Hamilton Drive, Suite A

Novato, CA 94949

P 415-382-1036

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