100 World Class South Africans: Craig and Damon Foster

Craig and Damon Foster 100 World Class South Africans: Craig and Damon Foster

Celebrating Africa

The Foster brothers take the road almost never travelled.

Their approach to putting Africa on screen is unique, giving audiences insights into a far deeper world than safaris and suffering.

They’ve lived with the Dogon people of Mali for a month and eaten road kill, but stomach water (squeezed out of an animal’s intestines) proved to be beyond the call of duty.

They were offered this while filming a documentary on the Kalahari San. Called The Great Dance: The Story of !Nqate, it won over 30 awards worldwide and catapulted the Fosters into the ‘wildlife’ of Hollywood.

On winning the Golden Panda (the Oscar of nature documentary filmmaking) in 2000, Craig says, ‘We had no idea what a Golden Panda even was!’ Since then they’ve cemented their international renown and get regular commissions from Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.

Their films have included Sharkman (about a guy who ‘tames’ great whites) and Emmy-nominated Into the Dragon’s Lair (first footage of crocodiles underwater in the Okavango swamps).

Africa Unbottled won best SA film at the international Wilderness Film Festival in 2001, and was broadcast by the biggest English TV channel in Asia.

They’re currently exploring kelp forests, and next up is a project for a Canadian company. All in a day’s work…

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