7 World-Saving Inventions From Art School Kids

A Kinetic Washing Machine

Idrees Rasouli designed Qaf with the millions of people who wash clothes by hand in Afghanistan in mind. Essentially, it’s a lawnmower/washing machine: push the clothes around for a spin cycle. It’s faster and less energy-intensive than washing clothes by hand.

Idrees Rasouli

The concepts and prototypes include a hand-powered washing machine, a landmine-removal kit, and more

Each year, graduates from London’s Royal College of Art–the U.K.’s preeminent art school–show off projects at the SustainRCA Show. The idea is to give the spotlight to innovative concepts and prototypes that will help us as we hurtle toward a warmer, more crowded, energy-hungry world. Pretty much anything pre-apocalypse (or maybe even post-apocalypse!) is fair game. You can read more about the show here, and we’ve put together seven awesome projects for your perusal, including a hand-powered washing machine, a landmine-removal kit, and more.


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