Baba Jukwa : Who is going to be handed power as the Zim President???

Zimbabwe in a just ended meeting, Mnangagwa is angry that Mr. Mugabe is planning to hand over power to Amai Mujuru according to their party constitution. The meeting where Kasukuwere, Chiwenga, Nyikayaramba, Chedondo, Sekeramayi, Jonathan Moyo and Nicholas Goche attended resolved that Mujuru must be taken out.

These people are very angry because as we speak through his aim of gaining political mileage Mugabe whose career is now tainted after his evil crew over-rigged is planning put Morgan Tsvangirai as the first Deputy President, deputising Mujuru and Khaya Moyo as the second, but this has not gone well with the people mentioned who were in the meeting.

They also resolved that Tsvangirai should go to his grandfathers’ land along Mujuru. Expect an accident between the two people targeted soon Zimbabwe. Other people whom Mugabe aims to include in his next cabinet include Chamisa, the Makones and Biti has refused to dine with my evil party preferring to be out of government. More to follow as we are always engaged in long meetings Zimbabwe.
Asijiki no matter how people try to dilute our agenda by insulting in this platform. Those who feel not good hear you free to unlike the page.

Baba Jukwa

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