EFF motorcade stopped

kenny eff EFF motorcade stopped

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) had to abandon its motorcade in Johannesburg after it was told it did not have permission to gather.

“We have been told that we don’t have permission to gather here and to leave the place,” EFF Gauteng spokesman Patrick Sindane said today.

“This is a public place and we need no permission.”

About 50 red beret-clad EFF members had gathered at the Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newton.

The motorcade, which would have driven from the Johannesburg CBD to Soweto, was part of a drive to take the EFF to the people.

Sindane accused the Johannesburg metro police department of being government agents who were used to intimidate members of the EFF.

Johannesburg metro police spokesman Wayne Minnaar could not confirm whether the motorcade was stopped because the EFF did not have permission to gather.

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