‘Defeat marks end of MDC-T’

Cde Sibanda

Cde Sibanda

Pamela Shumba Chronicle Reporter
ZANU-PF’s victory in the just-ended harmonised elections marked the end of the MDC-T, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association chairman, Cde Jabulani Sibanda, said yesterday. In an interview, he said the elections proved that Zimbabweans could firmly stand together even under difficult situations.  Cde Sibanda said the results, which came after a free and fair election process, showed that Zimbabweans could not be gullible forever.

“Zanu-PF’s victory came after a lot of hard work and determination. This means success to every unborn and living Zimbabwean. We have seen that the people of Zimbabwe can stand together despite the challenges brought before them.

“Now, we will be able to see improvement in the quality of the lives of our people through the total exploitation of our natural resources. As war veterans, we will press the Government and use every means possible to make sure that the party’s policies, which reflect the objectives of the armed struggle, are implemented,” said Cde Sibanda.

He said MDC-T exposed itself when it lied about Zanu-PF and brought sanctions, which crippled the economy.
“Before MDC-T got into Government, their lies backed by sanctions crippled the economy and caused the closure of industries and loss of jobs. This worked well for them because they were out of Government.

“They were, however, exposed when they were now in the coalition Government as they maintained sanctions and sought sponsorship only for the MDC-T controlled ministries,” said the war veterans’ leader.

He said although MDC-T controlled ministries were receiving sponsorship, those controlled by Zanu-PF still performed well despite the challenges.
“Despite the challenges Zanu-PF managed to bring development because it is people oriented. The Ministry of Transport, Communication and Infrastructural Development, led by Cde Nicholas Goche managed to reconstruct roads countrywide and we can see massive activity as we travel on our roads, while nothing was put in place by MDC-T,” said Cde Sibanda.

“The party actually destroyed the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare and failed to deploy  and employ nurses after graduating. Nurses are now going home after graduating or find themselves doing menial jobs to survive, yet the MDC-T was supported by its donors to keep these ministries afloat.”

He said this showed that it was not in the MDC-T’s nature to develop the country.
“When you take into account these two ministries as an example, it shows that it is not in their nature to develop the country. MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai lied to the people and promised them millions of jobs, but President Mugabe, despite the sanctions managed to supplement the lives of people with seed and fertiliser, among many programmes.

“This exposed the MDC-T that it is not people oriented. They want to use their positions for personal gain and these are the issues that made them lose the elections. They sold the votes and they lost because the people of Zimbabwe will not be gullible forever,” he said.

Cde Sibanda said MDC-T had been destroyed because it decided to stand for homosexuality in a Christian country.
“During the constitution-making process, the MDC-T revealed that it stood for homosexuality and it was content with dual citizenship, meaning that they wanted Europeans to come and utilise our resources as much as they wanted.

“We are only 33 years into independence and this is what we fought against during the liberation struggle,” he said.
Cde Sibanda urged the new Government to make sure that there was proper control of natural resources and responsible indigenisation in the country, saying this would stop external hands from using locals to loot the country’s resources.

He said as the country commemorates Heroes Day today, the people of Zimbabwe should be grateful to the fallen heroes for bringing freedom to every Zimbabwean, including sellouts.

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