Arms deal: A crypt for the ANC’s secrets?

seriti e1373534410243 Arms deal: A crypt for the ANC’s secrets?

Today City Press reveals where the secrets of the arms deal have been stored – hidden in plain sight and ignored by the commission appointed to investigate the multi-billion rand deal.

When the arms deal commission of inquiry convened its first public hearings on Monday, it was doing so without having scrutinised more than 3 million pages of documents, which have been gathering dust in containers at the Hawks’ Pretoria headquarters.

The Arms Procurement Commission, appointed by President Jacob Zuma in November 2011, has been so “overwhelmed” by the more than 4 million pages of documents provided to it by the Hawks that it has disregarded most of it. These revelations add to the commission’s crisis of legitimacy, caused by a series of resignations by commission members, including the most recent high-profile one of Judge Francis Legodi.

Three sources have confirmed that only about 1.3 million pages, which relate to the Scorpions’ investigation of corruption charges against Zuma and convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik, have been digitally scanned on to a hard drive that was provided to the commission. But these documents are yet to be declassified and indexed.

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