Bill Clinton And Chelsea In Africa

The 42nd President of the United States William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton once again made his mark in Africa.

Clinton with his daughter Chelsea and a press delegation were welcomed by the Ubuntu Education Fund, a non-profit organization, to its world-class health and educational complex based in Port Elizabeth on August 6, 2013.

Providing comprehensive education, health, and household stability programs for 2,000 vulnerable children, the Ubuntu Center is a Clinton Global Initiative (GGI) Commitment to Action site.

It was one of the stops on the Clinton Foundation’s Africa trip, covering six countries in ten days.

At the centre, the Clintons met with Ubuntu’s staff and students – including Andile Mkonto who spoke at Brand South Africa’s Rising Stars event last month – the clinic’s doctor, and the many teachers.

After seeing the prenatal clinic, rooftop gardens, theatre, and classrooms, everyone gathered for a joyous song and dance.

President Clinton commented, “This is an amazing organization that actually ensures its people are taken care of.”

He was also reunited with Zethu Ngceza, an Ubuntu scholar-turned-staff member whom he first met in 2007 at a CGI meeting.

The next day, Zethu and President Clinton participated in an interactive global conversation, Embrace Tomorrow, at The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory in Pretoria.

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