Business community meets Zanu-PF


Cde Nyoni

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
THE business community has urged Zanu-PF to form a lean and efficient Cabinet that will deliver promises made during the election campaigns.
During an interactive meeting with the party in Harare on Friday, captains of industry said it was critical for Zanu-PF to focus on real issues affecting business and the public.

In return, the party through its secretary for business development and liaison Cde Sithembiso Nyoni, promised to work together with the business community to transform the lives of the people.

“The President said he will honour his promises and he cannot honour the promises unless we support him. As secretary for business development, I took it upon myself to ensure that I meet with the business community so that they take our President seriously.

“I think some of the business people mean well and they want to see the work being done, but we are sometimes aloof and this kind of a meeting I am sure make sthem feel they are part of us.”

“We are going to form a Zanu-PF Government and the President needs to connect with the business community.”
Cde Nyoni said Zanu-PF would be supportive of anybody who would be keen to implement its policies and assist the business people to connect with foreign investors.

She said meetings with the business community would be held monthly to ensure full implementation of promises made by the party in its manifesto.

Arda board chairman and renowned businessman Mr Basil Nyabadza who also acted as the chair of the meeting, said since Zanu-PF was going to form a one party Government, it was important to compress the size of Cabinet, reduce costs and increase efficiency in decision making.

The inclusive Government, he said, was bloated for political reasons and that had affected the implementation of policies.
During the inclusive Government era, Cabinet had more than 30 ministries, a development analysts argued was not sustainable for a small economy such as Zimbabwe.

“The size of our Cabinet is very huge and it has something to do with political accommodation,” said Mr Nyabadza. “We want to see a lean Cabinet which is biased towards economic development. We want a Cabinet that is driven by results and nothing else.”

Mr Nyabadza said Zanu-PF should set an inspectorate department at party level that would play an oversight role on Government ministers.
Such a department, Mr Nyabadza said, would ensure implementation of programmes promised by the party.

Seed-Co managing director Mr Dennis Zaranyika, said the economy needed a radical approach to ensure food security.
“Zimbabwe should never be the same again,” he said. “The electorate has spoken and it is now up to the business to deliver.

“The President says he will deliver and as business we are ready to deliver as well.”
The business community urged the new Government to protect local industries from cheap imports to create employment and boost export business.

The interaction between Zanu-PF and the business community is expected to foster a new political and economic bond in the country.

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