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Augustine Hwata Sports Reporter
JUST like his name, Champion Chienderamwano, lived up to expectations when he was crowned the Musclemania bodybuilding contest winner at Ochi City in the early hours of yesterday. Chienderamwano, who pumps iron from Jacks’ Gym in Gaborone, Botswana upstaged the pre-event favourite and defending champion Victor Hungwe after the two had remained as the last men standing.

Trading by his stage name, Champion Champion, the reigning Mr Botswana exhibited a body like a well chiseled Greek statue as he matched Hungwe pound for pound after the later athlete also showed an equally impressive torso.

For winning the Musclemania title, the 27-year old Chienderamwano drove home in an immaculate red VW Polo vehicle that was up for grabs as the top prize.

Going into this competition, Champion had finished second best to Hungwe in their previous clashes but he continued to work on his huge frame to get his due reward.

“I am very happy because I had worked on my weak part which was my back. I improved a lot and at the moment, I just cannot explain how I am feeling,” said Chienderamwano.

Chienderamwano was clearly overcome with emotions as he shed some tears of joy while Hungwe remained dumb-founded after surrendering his throne.

By winning the VW Polo, Chienderamwano said he will add the car to his fleet that already boasts of a Toyota Ipsum and Nissan.
“When I came here for the competition, this guy (Hungwe) beat me. So when we remained as the two athletes on stage, I was scared that I would be coming second once again.

“I was not totally scared, though because I was a bit confident that I had done my best,” said Chiendaramwano.
But Hungwe, never made it easy for the judges either as he put up a brave fight and there was very little to separate the two athletes.

Known as The Beast, Hungwe had mobilised fans who were rallying behind him while the reigning Iron Man, Vincent “Vince Cutter” Kandiyero also showed a proportional body but settled for third place, maybe because he had a smaller frame compared to both Hungwe and Champion.

Veteran Isaac “Sugar” Chimuchenga came fourth while Mugove Muhambi was fifth with Eddie Marondera completing the last of the top six slots.
In the women’s category, Helen Costa, showed a feminine physique in symmetry and proportion to win an upright fridge as the first prize while

Ruvimbo Musere went home with a four-plate stove for coming second and Regina Jonga was third.
The night also belonged to Marko Mwale who is now the proud owner of a residential stand in Damafalls after winning the Musclemania wheelchair.

Mwale, who has been in the sport for 32 years said his hard work has finally been rewarded.
“I never expected, to win a residential stand and this can only happen once in my life. I am based in Bulawayo but I should be making efforts to develop the stand and come to live in Harare.

“Basically, I think the competition was okay but I used all my experience to defend my title and now I have two Musclemania titles under my belt.
“From here I am going to work hard so that I defend my crown,” said Mwale.

Pearson Tazviwingwa came second in the wheelchair category while Elford Moyo was third but the quality of entries in the women’s wheelchair category was generally poor.

However, from the mediocre entries, Emma Chibuku was crowned the winner while Donald Maphosa came out tops in the junior men’s competition.

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