Church celebrates heroes lives

By Stephen Mpofu  Chronicle Correspondent
ZIMBABWEANS who shed sacrificial blood for the liberation of this country and those who live on were celebrated yesterday at Harvest House International Church in Bulawayo. Before the main sermon began, congregants were entertained to scintillating gospel music, which included a marimba piece, and Bishop Taurai Mafoti, who heads Third Service, spoke briefly about the significance of Heroes Day being commemorated nationwide today.

“It does not matter which political party you come from or whether you come from the left, the right, the front or the back, Heroes Day is a national event marking the sacrifices of those who brought about freedom to Zimbabwe,” he said

Bishop Mafoti said he was still a young man himself when the armed struggle was waged and that he would travel to Harare to take hold of a gun and a grenade just to get a feel of what it was like for the young men and the young women who liberated the motherland.

The musical scores created just the right atmosphere for the sermon by Bishop Fuyani Moyo, who preached on Jubilee, an event being celebrated by Harvest House International.

In Jewish history, Jubilee is the year of emancipation and restoration kept every 50 years. It is a period of remission from penal consequences of sin granted under certain conditions for a year. Bishop Moyo preached about moral uprightness, kindness, charity and spoke against immorality, corruption and other vices, emphasising the fear of God and abiding by his statutes.


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