Gambia: Jammeh bans US-Gambia military cooperation

Gambian Dictator, Yahya JammehGambian dictator, Yahya Jammeh on Friday issued a directive to the military command in Banjul ordering them to immediately stop military training cooperation with the United States and the U.K.

A letter purportedly sent to both the ministry of Defense and the Chief of defense Staff, indicates that the President has ordered that no further cooperation should exist between The Gambia and these two counties. The directive also indicated that no soldier should be sent to such countries for training, and no military from those countries should be allowed in the country for training purposes.

There is no reason as to what warranted the sudden decision, but pundits have pointed to a recent statement Dictator Jammeh made over national TV using the ‘F’ word against. In the same TV statement, Dictator Jammeh had decried what he described as a growing phenomenon where developed countries would train soldiers from poor countries and indoctrinate them into adopting non-patriotic attitudes towards when they return. “We don’t need their training,” Jammeh said.

Meanwhile, ASN has spoken to some soldiers who feel extremely disappointed about the move. They said Jammeh is selfish because he received his own training from America, a benefit which he is now denying young professional soldiers. Observers have suggested that the dictator is increasingly growing insecure, and fears the military will be enlightened and eventually topple him should they continue to interact with western soldiers.


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