How 2Pac’s death changed Hip Hop



Tupac Amaru Shakur was killed 17 years ago, but the iconic emcee/actor’s place in hip-hop history lives on forever. Recently, Masta Killa and Mathematics of the Wu-Tang Clan spoke with NME about how Pac’s death altered the culture. “I just think that just changed hip- hop, because really before then it was more ‘Who are you?’, originality,” says Mathematics. “Then after that, I think it kind of changed a little bit.”

According to Mathematics, the loss of Pac led to a lot of rap imitators similar to the way Bruce Lee was duplicated after he passed. 2Pac’s murder made Masta Killa question how far removed was the rap game from street life.

“It made me start looking at it like, wow, what do I have do? Can I just come to work as freely as I’ve been?” added Masta Killa. “This part of my life helped me to escape other things where I come from, and now it’s making me look at the situation like maybe I haven’t even really gone too far.”— AllHipHop News.

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