Opposition exposes Khama’s duplicity

Harare Bureau
Botswana President Mr Seretse Ian Khama has  been exposed by opposition political parties for poking his nose in other countries’ electoral systems when he is presiding over one of the most shambolic electoral processes in the region.Umbrella for Democratic Change leader, a coalition of three political parties, Mr Duma Boko, said Mr Khama should first address inherent loopholes in Gaborone’s electoral system before meddling in other countries’ polls.

The humiliation of Mr Khama comes in the wake of a call he made last week, saying there was a need for an audit of Zimbabwe’s electoral system which saw President Mugabe and Zanu-PF securing a crushing victory against MDC-T leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mr Khama condemned the elections despite the fact that Sadc, which Botswana is a member, endorsed the polls as a reflection of the will of the people of Zimbabwe.
Sadc’s endorsement of the polls was echoed by various other organisations such as the African Union, Comesa and China among others who were in Harare observing the elections.

The Botswana government also stands accused of having funded the MDC-T’s election campaign in a desperate bid to unseat President Mugabe and appease the United States and its Western backers.

Mr Boko, who leads a three-party coalition called the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) told a news conference in Gaborone recently that Botswana’s position was ill-conceived since his country also had glaring irregularities in its electoral system.

He said his country should first deal with loopholes inherent in her electoral system before lecturing Zimbabwe about how to improve their own.
“Before rubbing Zimbabwe the wrong way by breaking ranks from other countries in the region, Botswana should at first deal with those problems here by introspecting and improving her electoral system,” he was quoted as saying.

“We cannot be acting like we are perfect. We have problems and we must deal with them before pointing fingers at others.”
The UDC comprises the Botswana National Front, the Botswana People’s Party and the Botswana Movement for Democratic Change.

Mr Boko, who will challenge Khama in general elections next year, also castigated Western countries for interfering in African matters.
Zimbabwe conducted harmonised elections on 31 July this year which saw President Mugabe garnering 61 percent of the vote while his rival Mr Tsvangirai won 34 percent.

Tsvangirai has, however, rejected the outcome, filing a court petition seeking to nullify the election results.

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