The lemony life – Poem

By Mohamed Chtatou

Morocco World News

Rabat, August 12, 2013

The lemon light

So restful

So calm

Drains colours

Of their vibrant hues

Creating superb muted shadows

Representing life

In its insistence


The lemon lights

Drip from the silver clouds

Like droplets of perfume

Creating more motion

On the quiet surface

Of the river.

The whole vista

Is sweetly enveloped

In some sort of mist

Time and again


 Generous smiles

So intense

And so expressing

So much kindness

And hospitality

They seem to say

With no words

Nothing endures

Everything is fleeting

And so ephemeral

Here these pure souls

Have no birth

No death

No worry

Just lemony love

Lemony robes

Lemony prayers

All paths lead

To this lemon festival.


The Mekong River



And so proud

Flows endlessly

Creating life around

In its boundless beauty

And numerous worries.

Life is created

And made to unfold

In much love and drama

And the river goes on

Flowing and flowing.



The city comes to life


With the interplay of gongs

Guardians of the protective spirits

This is the dry season

The river seems so peaceful

Even so slothful

It flows almost unseen

Like the blood through the veins

The banks are makeshift gardens.

In the opposite bank

A small village


The barking of stray dogs is impressive

Almost annoying

In so slumbersome atmosphere

Followed by a chanting

That draws the listener

Into the celebration 

Of life and its joys


Temple flowers

Release their scent

That spreads mystical peace

And inevitable slumber

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