The weird world of politics: Twitter jitters

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Twitter jitters
Archbishop Desmond Tutu may be a fisher of men for a living, but he has learnt that this is not allowed in the world of Twitter.

The Arch’s official Twitter account was suspended for “aggressive following” on Thursday after hundreds of tweeps followed him.

His first tweet read: “I am elderly and decrepit. Don’t Tweet me; I’ll Tweet you!” Maybe he should also have reminded his followers not to follow him aggressively.

Loving on borrowed time
Poor Dina Pule, her of the red Christian Louboutin shoes. A few months ago she was all self-righteous rage at a press conference where she accused newspapers of publishing falsehoods about her to get her fired.

One such a supposed falsehood was the story that she was romantically linked to married businessman Phosane Mngqibisa. She kept on referring to him as “the alleged boyfriend” and said he was a passing comrade. This week she was very quiet after Parliament’s ethics committee found Mngqibisa to be Pule’s “de facto spouse”. A borrowed husband, at that.

Being first is everything
It must be tough being Vodacom’s former CEO, Alan Knott-Craig, this week. Imagine having to almost admit in a court that you were fibbing when you wrote in your memoirs, Second is Nothing, that you invented the much-loathed “Please Call Me” service.

Except it turns out that a low-ranking employee, Nkosana Makate, came up with the concept. Makate wants Vodacom to pay him for the invention.

SIyahleba thinks Knott-Craig’s book should be moved to the fiction stand at book stores. After all, isn’t that what happened after Lance Armstrong’s book after his cheating drug antics were revealed?

Sleepy DA?
The DA was a tad unhappy about the way last week’s elections went in our troublesome neighbour Zimbabwe.

They were even more upset that President Jacob Zuma said these elections were “successful” and “harmonised”.

Except “harmonised” was the name of the elections, which involved voting for both president and parliament.

Anyone who went to Zim would have known that. Siyahleba reckons it’s time for the DA to ask its MPs what they really did there.

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