Amakhosi show a big yawn

Courage Musariri Entertainment Reporter
AMAKHOSI Heroes Day family show held on Saturday afternoon was a huge flop as poor organisation and marketing led to artistes coming in late and as a result only a handful of fans attended the show.The show was supposed to start at 11 am but by 2pm only eight out of  the expected 30 artistes were present.

In addition to the disorganisation, the engineers faced endless problems with the sound system and as late as 2pm they were still busy trying to fix the problem.
The few fans that attended the show were disappointed with what they witnessed.

From 11am, no one provided entertainment.
“I am completely disappointed by their organisation, we have been here for more than an hour waiting for the show to start.

“I know this is for free but that is not an excuse for failing to organise the event,” said Irene Phiri.
The event co-ordinator, Mlamuli Moyo kept telling those present that the event was about to start.

“We are about to start, let’s wait up to 2.30pm and we hope by then all the artistes will have arrived. Please don’t leave yet we will have a good show as soon as they arrive,” he said.

Another fan, Charity Phiri, said the event failed due to poor marketing.
“I am sure these guys did not market the event. Maybe the event was only advertised in newspapers and they did not even put up posters around,” she said.

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