Big Brother scarred me for life says O’neal

BOTSWANA’S Big Brother Africa housemate who recently got evicted from the game O’neal Madumo has expressed that the Big Brother house has scarred him for life.  Speaking at a Press conference held last week on Thursday at President Hotel, O’neal said that if given the chance to do it again he would turn down the opportunity to go back to Biggie’s house. O’Neal said, “I would never enter Big Brother again. It scarred me for life”.

The former housemate also went into detail and told the Press that three weeks into the game he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and given medication that he had to take for  about four days.

He added that prior to entering the house he never imagined that he would be associated with high blood pressure. O’neal further said that being in the house wasn’t psychologically easy for him. He said that “A part of me selfishly wanted to leave the house that I even considered to voluntarily leave the house, but I didn’t do it”.

He went on to say that other housemates would do things in a disorganised manner and it was confusing for him.
He added that at first he gave it some effort to try and be at par with the other housemates but it was hard for him because it  was not who he is.

He went on to say that this season’s game titled The Chase was open to interpretation to an individual hence why he just decided to pursue being himself in the house.Furthermore he revealed when you are inside the house you interpret things differently than those on the outside.

For her part, MultiChoice public relations executive Tshepo Maphanyane said that there is nothing that can prepare one for Big Brother. She said that there is no way that anybody survives Big Brother without it affecting them. Maphanyane added that for one to understand the game, they have to have been inside to understand what the housemates go through.In addition to that she said that Big Brother is a 24 hour job because beyond the cameras there are always people who are on call such as doctors and psychologists who are placed to offer housemates support should the need arise.

Meanwhile, Tanzanian housemate Feza has become the 20th Housemate to be booted out of the Big Brother Africa (The Chase) reality show.
As soon as Live Show Presenter IK made the announcment, she hugged her fellow Chasemates. She walked out of the House as they cheered her on.

When she stepped on stage, IK jumped into the big question, “Do you love Oneal?” She answered: “Yes I do,” without hesitation.
She also shared that there is still an element of distrust between them. IK also asked her about Oneal’s initial attraction to Cleo. “I will let that slide because I wasn’t there,” she replied.

Over the past eleven weeks she has established herself as one of the most polarising Housemates in the Big Brother House. You either love her or you hate her; there is nothing in between when it comes to Feza. But today (yesterday) her journey in The Chase has come to an abrupt end.

As she exits the House, Feza takes along with her all of Tanzania’s hopes and dreams. Her fellow country-mate Nando made a sudden exit from The Chase when he got Disqualified for violating the Big Brother Africa rules two weeks ago. The Tanzanian’s departure follows hot on the heels of her man Oneal’s parting from The Chase.

Before he was booted out last week; Oneza was the most talked about couple in Big Brother The Chase and Feza’s Eviction Sunday, begs the question: “Is Africa against couples in The Chase?” In the past we have speculated about ‘The Curse of The Couples’ and this curse looks to be real, now so more than ever.

He came, he saw, he conquered and the prodigal son has returned.
Big Brother StarGame winner, Keagan took to the Live Show stage Sunday evening to give Africa the low down on what his life has been like since his time inside of Biggie’s House. As soon as the South African ex-Housemate sat down for his one on one chat with Live Show Presenter IK, the outspoken Nigerian host wasted no time in asking Keagan the big question on everyone’s mind, “What did you with the $300,000?” Keagan said: “I invested it all.”

After that the ex-Starmate got grilled on his brief but notorious love affair in the Big Brother House with Tanzian ex-Housemate Talia.
“We were only together for five days really. Once we were out of the House things were different. So we decided to go our seperate ways,” he clarified.

The entertaining South African also imparted his knowledge and wisdom from his time inside of the House about what it is really like being cooped up for so long with strangers. – Mmegionline/Joyonline

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