Bogus VID official fined

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A fraudster in Chitungwiza who swindled two people of US$930 after misrepresenting to them that he was a Vehicle Inspection Department agent and that he would facilitate driver’s licences for them escaped prison with a US$500 fine.Tsungirai Chikuni (36) of Zengeza 1 on July 16 made an arrangement to meet two desperate driver’s licence seekers, Brighton Nhambwe and Rushmore Mhako, both 25, of Glen View, Harare.

This was after Chikuni misrepresented that he was an agent of the Vehicle Inspection Department and would facilitate for them Class Two driver’s licences.

He asked them to pay US$500 each but later altered the figures to US$450.
The following day, Chikuni called the two to go to Bindura and give the money to his friend, Paul Nyamapfeni.

The court heard that they handed him US$400 as part payment.
On July 18, Chikuni called the pair to Bindura VID depot for the facilitation of the licences, but the deal failed to materialise and he asked them to meet him at Makoni VID.

At Makoni, they paid US$400 and were asked to come four days later to write their learner’s licence examinations. On the day, Mhako and Nhambwe went to the venue where Chikuni demanded the balance of US$100 alleging that it was meant for processing of the documents.

They told him that they were only left with US$30 for food and bus fare.
Mhako asked his younger brother to send the money through Ecocash.

While they were waiting for the transaction, Chikuni demanded the US$30 and promised to return it after he received the money from Ecocash.
Mhako and Nhambwe entered into the exam room and at around 10.45am were advised that they had failed.

The pair called Chikuni explaining their predicament and he drove to the depot where he told them to come back the following day.
Chikuni failed to honour the agreement as he became evasive, leading to the pair reporting the matter to the police.

Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Adonia Masawi convicted him after he admitted to fraud charges, and fined him.
The fine is payable by end of this month, and failure to pay will result in him spending two months behind bars.

In addition, Chikuni was sentenced to a suspended 10-month jail term on condition of good behaviour.
Mr Lovet Muringwa prosecuted.

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