Chaos at Beitbridge Border Post continues

Beitbridge Bureau
Chaos is still reigning on the South African side of the border where travellers are spending long hours to be cleared in or out of that country.
A visit to the South African border revealed that travellers were spending between three and four hours to gain entry or exit South Africa.Long winding and static queues were seen on both sides of the border. Small vehicles and buses had also clogged the border post.
South African police had to be called in to control the restless travellers yesterday morning.

The situation slightly improved on the arrivals side mid-morning but turned worse in the afternoon where several travellers nearly exchanged blows as they jostled to get cleared.

In separate interviews the travellers blamed the South African immigration department for taking a business as usual approach in light of increase in traffic.

Ironically, the travellers are being cleared on the Zimbabwean side of the border in less than 30 minutes.

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