Football Association of Malawi worried of Calabar security

MALAWI FOOTBALL:  Malaw Association of Malawi (Fam) has said it is concerned with the security of Calabar, the capital city of Cross River State that will host Malawi’s World Cup qualifier against Nigeria on September 7.

The city lies just some kilometers from the Cameroon border and is notorious for kidnappings of foreigners for ransom, a development that has forced Fam to tighten the Flames security plans.

Britain and America already issued warning to its nationals not to travel to the region and those that are there to leave immediately.

“We advise against all travel to river line areas of Cross River State because of high risk of kidnapping, armed robbery and other armed attacks. If despite this advice, you decide to travel to or remain in the Niger Delta or the riverline areas of Cross River State, you do so at your own risk,” a statement from British Foreign and Commonwealth Office reads in part.

Fam president Walter Nyamilandu said they had done some homework on the host city and would be sending an advance party to make enquiries.

He said they had since decided that the Flames should be in Nigeria 24 hours before the game.

“Security is our main concern, this is an area that has been associated with some security risk and we don’t want to put our players and technical panel at risk,” he said.

“That is why we have decided to handle all the travel and accommodation arrangements by yourselves. We plan to camp in a neighbouring country and then go to Calabar 24 hours before the game and leave soon after the game. The less time we spend in Calabar, the more we can avoid any problems.”

Malawi face a mammoth task of beating Nigeria who lead Group F while Super Eagles just need a draw to qualify for the last round of the 2014 Brazil World camp campaign.


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