Fuel reduced but majority will not benefit

Malawi: Fuel prices went down effective on Thursday, Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) has announced.

The Malawi energy regulatory body said petrol prices is down from K694.30 to K680.80 per litre, diesel from K677.20 to K657.40 per litre. The mostly used fuel paraffin, remains at K177 per litre., thus the majority of Malawians will not benefit from the reduction

Malawi government has encouraged a trickle down effect from vendors to the buyer, it has warned vendors that continued to defy its call to reduce goods and services prices following the increase in the buying power of the Kwacha currency that they will be taken to task.

Fuel price reduced

Fuel price reduced

Moses Kunkuyu Minister of Information, and the government spokesman said authorities will pursue companies who defy the call to pass on the reduction to the public.

Malawi is going through economic reforms which are bearing fruits, so far they have brought about the reduction in fuel pump prices. This should automatically translate to the immediate reduction in goods and services prices that largely depend on fuel.

Government is also asking the Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) to scrutinise and criticize vendors who do not pass down the benefits of the fuel reduction.

The government spokes man said “It would be naïve for the able leadership of CAMA to remain silent now when it vehemently blamed government for the resultant negative effects of the Kwacha. CAMA should be up in arms all the time against any institutions and individuals that make a consumer’s life miserable,” he said.

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