Malawi coach Saintfiet’s K3m bonus shelved

MALAWI COACH:  Newly appointed Flames coach Tom Saintfiet will not get any bonus in the event that Malawi beats Nigeria in next month World Cup qualifier.

Instead, Fam on Tuesday announced at a Press briefing at Chiwembe Technical and Development Centre that it had decided to provide a special bonus for the players in the gruel qualifier using its business fund.

Initially, the coach was promised US$10,00 (about K3 million) as a bonus if he beats Nigeria Super Eagles.

But in a twist of events, Fam made a u-turn due to public outcry. Instead, Fam president Walter Nyamilandu said the US$10,000 would be channeled towards charitable cause.

“After discussions with Malawi National Council of Sports, we felt the game bonus should be withdrawn. If Malawi beats Nigeria the bonus will be for charity preferably in youth football development in one of the townships, it could be in Ndirande or any other area.” Nyamilandu said.

“That’s what we agreed. Nobody forced Tom to do this. He agreed to do it and said he can work for the Nigeria game without any bonus attached to it.”

On his part, Saintfiet reiterated that he was not in the country for the sake of money but rather to help Malawi beat Nigeria.

“I decided to drop the allowance and give it to charity because I am not here because of the money. I don’t care about the money. Right now the bonus is not important at all,” Tom said.

“Winning against Nigeria will be a beautiful bonus I can get from my players.”

There was a public outcry when The Daily Times broke the news that the coach was promised US$10,000 when a player gets K30,000 game bonus.

Many felt the coach, who is a volunteer, should not have been promised any money.


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