MATELEC EIBT China Launched the Big Brands Salon

To perfect the platform for supply and demand, SEDRA (Shanghai Electrical Design & Research Association) and Shanghai CHC Expo, the two organizers of MATELEC EIBT China, launched the Big Brands Salon for electrical and intelligent building industry on August 8th, 2014. This Salon symbolizes a real assemblage of the big brands from electrical and intelligent building industry in China, also it will elevate MATELEC EIBT China to a higher level and play an active role in the development of the industry. The relevant leaders in SEDRA attended the ceremony and analysed how the policy will influence the industry in the future.

SEDRA, China’s most authoritative industry association, which enjoys the highest prestige in the electrical industry with more than 2,000 members, who are from national design institutes, universities, science institutes and electrical appliance manufactures. SEDRA provides the service of design and research, academic exchange, technical consultation, development and demonstration, popularization of scientific knowledge, standard editor and so on.

As an authorized institution, SEDRA owns Real Estate Salon and Design Institute Senior Engineer Salon. She organized the members from those two salons to visit MATELEC EIBT China 2013. All the members said that the on-site exhibitors with their high-tech products showed the technology and trend of the industry.

It is reported that SEDRA is going to organize a variety of salon activities on MATELEC EIBT China 2014 to provide more opportunities for exhibitors and visitors to communicate.

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