MDC-T: Purveyor of despondency

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The forlorn attempts by MDC-T to create a false perception that Zanu-PF’s electoral victory will plunge the country into political, social and economic crisis are as irresponsible as they are subversive.MDC-T was founded upon one pillar: — to malign Zanu-PF and alienate it from the people and the global community through doomsday prophecies and economic sabotage.

The current MDC-T shenanigans are intended to bring to pass Morgan Tsvangirai’s recent apocalyptic evocation that, “the shoddy manner in which it (election) has been conducted and the consequent illegitimacy of the result will plunge this country into a serious crisis.” Interestingly, the same doomsday prophecy was regurgitated by the MDC-T’s handlers with Germany saying that the election “casts a big shadow on the political and economic future of Zimbabwe.”

What we witnessed was an attempt by the whole imperial juggernaut to fulfil, by hook or crook, the false prophecy which suggests that Zanu-PF’s election landslide will bring Zimbabwe to its knees. As part of these efforts, the MDC-T and its handlers are in overdrive activating their destructive instruments in a bid to paralyse the economy.

This is not the first time that the MDC-T, in cahoots with its cabal of neo-imperial sidekicks, has employed underhand tactics to malign Zanu-PF in a bid to delegitimise its stay in power. At its infancy, the Western-sponsored party consorted with an ignominious outfit called the Amani Trust, to engineer the perception that Zanu-PF was a party that undermined the rule of law and perpetrated human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

In November 2000, Amani Trust Director Antony Reeler, published a damning report called; “Organised Violence and Torture: A Zimbabwe Case Study” in which he accused security agents of aiding alleged Zanu-PF militia groups in attacking MDC-T supporters. He claimed that Amani Trust had recorded statements from around 24 000 victims of alleged state sponsored violence.

The pro-MDC-T organisation rented “safe houses” on behalf of the alleged MDC-T victims of political violence who were later used in demonstrations by the National Constitutional Assembly and the MDC-T funded by Reeler. Amani Trust remained unrelenting in its machinations to tarnish Zanu-PF’s political image.

In November 2005 and on behalf of the MDC-T, it funded adverse “films” on political violence, which depicted Zanu-PF youths as perpetrators of violence.

The films were widely circulated in the US and EU.
True to the form of all regime change agencies, Amani Trust worked hand in glove with the imperially blinkered “global media” in its pernicious bid to publicise non-existent human rights abuses in Zimbabwe. The objective was to create a tag that excoriates Zanu-PF as a party that is violent and averse to democratic tenets.

The use of such underhand tactics by the MDC-T continued in the 2002 general elections. In one disgraceful instance, the MDC-T, together with the Daily News, concocted a story that Zanu-PF supporters had beheaded an MDC-T supporter, Brandinah Tadyanemhandu, in Magunje in the presence of her family.

The story went viral, but was eventually proved phony by the deceased’s sister, who confirmed that Tadyanemhandu had died of natural causes.
This time around the MDC-T has once again dipped deep into its devious bag of tricks in a similar attempt to discredit Zanu-PF’s resounding victory in the 2013 harmonised elections.

Already, the MDC-T has released a report claiming that MDC-T supporters countrywide are being persecuted by Zanu-PF supporters in retribution for failing to vote for the revolutionary party. It claims that nine of the alleged victims are being housed at the party’s headquarters, Harvest House, after they were allegedly hounded out of their houses in Mbare by Zanu-PF supporters.

What is interesting is that instead of going to the police, who are the law enforcement agents, the supposed victims of violence are puzzlingly rushing to the MDC-T headquarters. For those of us who know the MDC-T, the script is not new as the same situation obtained during the 2008 election when some health authorities and the police had to intervene and disperse alleged political violence victims who had congregated at Harvest House for fear of a disease outbreak as there were no ablution facilities to cater for the sanitary needs of these people.

In an attempt to broadcast the stage-managed internal displacement of people to the world, MDC-T on Tuesday, August 6 2013 invited the South African Broadcasting Corporation to Harvest House to film and interview the alleged victims of violence.

The SABC crew left the place disappointed after discovering that the alleged victims of violence were not genuine. The SABC crew established that the alleged victims who had gathered at Harvest House had not been threatened by anyone.

It is mind-boggling that MDC-T is now raising claims of violence when the international and regional electoral observers have certified Zimbabwe as a peaceful country. MDC-T wants to create the perception that Zimbabwe is sinking into a crisis, a situation that conveniently justifies the holding of a special summit on Zimbabwe by regional groups such as the African Union and Sadc.

In this bid, MDC-T and its handlers are trying to paint a negative picture of the economic situation in Zimbabwe. Already, they have propagated rumours that fuel prices have been hiked and fuel stations would soon run out of stock. That party is also encouraging people to hoard basic foodstuffs and withdraw all their savings from the banks to cripple the country.

MDC-T is behind rumours that South Africa has reintroduced a visa regime against Zimbabweans intending to visit the country.

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