MDC-T Rhodesian angle for violence

THE Rhodesian lobby in the MDC-T, smarting from the heavy drubbing the party received in the harmonised elections, has resolved to boot out embattled party leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai from the helm and launch a campaign of violence and destabilisation against Zimbabweans who rejected their brand of politics on July 31.

The MDC-T was whitewashed by Zanu-PF countrywide managing a paltry 49 seats out of the 210 National Assembly constituencies while Zanu-PF amassed 160 seats with the remaining seat going to independent candidate Mr Jonathan Samkange, who pitched for but failed to land the Zanu-PF ticket in Mudzi South.

President Mugabe romped to victory garnering 61,09 percent of the vote to Mr Tsvangirai’s 33,94 with the other presidential aspirants sharing the remaining 4,97 percent.

So devastating was the scale of the MDC-T defeat that some sections of the Western media called on Mr Tsvangirai to quit with the party’s ex-Rhodie contingent also coming out strongly against Mr Tsvangirai’s continued leadership.

MDC-T national executive member, Mr Ian Kay, who was booted out of Marondera Central by Zanu-PF Mashonaland East provincial chairman Cde Ray Kaukonde, and the self-exiled MDC-T treasurer Mr Roy Bennett yesterday told the Sunday Times of Britain that they planned a campaign of violence beginning with demonstrations on Wednesday this week pursuant to setting up a government in exile to launch acts of terror against the Government.

“He (Tsvangirai) should only carry on if he acts more positively and is more proactive. He should be calling for rallies and leading more visibly. The silence is disturbing,” Mr Kay said.

Mr Bennett concurred saying: “Very shortly you are going to see the arrest of MDC leaders and the imprisonment of MDC supporters around the country. The MDC needs to get its leadership out of the country, form a government in exile and then take these guys head on with a full-blooded revolution.”

The ex-Rhodesian service man, Bennett, claimed that there was enough pro-MDC support within the military to overthrow the “small clique” that he said supported President Mugabe in the army and police.

Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo said any efforts to promote insurgency and banditry would be thwarted.
“It will not take them anywhere. The Rhodesians tried in the 1970s, there is no way they will come back. They can try but they will be suppressed.

We will take serious measures. The MDC-T is confused, they do not know what hit them and they don’t know how to mount a serious political challenge. The notion of insurgency and banditry won’t work,” he said.

He also described as nonsense and hogwash claims by MDC-T officials that Zanu PF was targeting to arrest 100 people, among them politicians, journalists and civil society leaders who are against the Zanu-PF leadership.

“There are no intentions to arrest anyone unless they have committed a crime. The police will deal with such cases,” said Cde Gumbo.
Politburo member, Prof Jonathan Moyo concurred saying the party’s resounding victory had driven the MDC-T and its backers bonkers.

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