Public transport operators warned

ALL unroadworthy public service vehicles risk losing route authority and the cancellation of the drivers’ licences, outgoing Minister of Transport, Communications and Infrastructural Development Nicholas Goche has said.

All commuter omnibus operators had to adhere with the Road Traffic Act ahead of the Heroes’ and Defence Forces’ Day holidays today and tomorrow.

“It is once again time for celebration of our Heroes’ and Defence Forces Day Holidays, time when thousands travel to the rural areas to re-unite with family and friends. I am therefore urging all our road users to use the roads wisely and observe traffic regulations,” said Minister Goche.

“It is the operator’s obligation to ensure that their buses are not overloaded, drivers are not under the influence of alcohol and to encourage drivers to stick to regulated speed limits as over speeding is one of the major causes of fatal accidents.

“My ministry will deal decisively with any operators whose drivers behave in a manner that disregards the sanctity of human life.”
Minister Goche urged public transport operators to desist from overworking drivers and desists from using defective vehicles in an effort to maximise profits.

He said the Vehicle Inspection Department and the Zimbabwe Republic Police will partner during the holidays to combat traffic offences.
“I urge all operators to provide a quality service, which should see everybody being transported to their destination safely and timeously. It is my hope that the forthcoming Heroes’ and Defence Forces Day Holidays be accident free.

“This is possible if all drivers exercise due caution and adhere to all the traffic laws,” he said.

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