SA play Itsoseng to headline Intwasa Festival koBulawayo

Auxilia Katongomara Entertainment Correspondent
MULTI-award winning South African play, Itsoseng, is set to headline the Intwasa Festival koBulawayo this year.
The play, written by South African Omphile Molusi, has been staged at festivals in and outside Africa since its premiere in 2004.It has been staged at the Harare International Festival of the Arts and Protest Arts International Festival in Harare and will be staged in Bulawayo for the first time.

Itsoseng is a gripping story of a South Africa township life 13 years after apartheid where survival of the fittest is the order of the day.
The play is based on a true story.

In Itsoseng, many believe that politics determines people’s lives so social life in Itsoseng is politics.
When graveyard tariffs increase, the people protest to the municipality saying its politics. When the Itsoseng shopping complex that was burnt down in 1994 is not yet rebuilt when others have been rebuilt, the people ask the municipality questions, this too is politics.

Even on social issues affecting young people, people blame the municipality and say it is politics.
When the whole of Itsoseng turns dark and dry with no electricity and water for three years and the rate of crime blows up the roof, the people start doubting the municipality.

In Itsoseng many feel betrayed by the freedom they fought for. Many do not seem to see themselves in so called colours of the Rainbow Nation.
Itsoseng is a township in South Africa that was part of the Bophuthatswana homeland, led by Lucas Mangope and set up by the apartheid government.

During the 1980s, the township enjoyed the fruits of Mangope’s regime but they did not know how he got the resources.
During the 1990s, people became aware of Mangope’s tyrannical antics of leadership. His government was run by his family, important posts were occupied by his trusted friends and Bophuthatswana became a military state.

Years, into a new South Africa, the people of Itsoseng are still waiting for a new township. They are still waiting for their piece of the rainbow cake.
Itsoseng has successfully graced leading festivals such as Edinburgh Festival (Scotland) Adelaide Festival (Australia), Grahamstown Festival (South Africa), and has had sold out shows in Chicago, London, Dublin and several African countries.

The Intwasa Festival koBulawayo will run from 24-29 September and preparations have already started.

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