Baba Jukwa now attends church services

Zimbabwe as you all know that I was not well, but that won’t stop me from attending a church service as God is the only creator.

Let’s pray;  Father, we come to you with our hands lifted in the air. We lift them in surrender, in surrender of our burdens and sorrows of our everyday lives. We believe that you are a God of impossibilities, where things seem impossible to men, they are possible to you,… Lord. We believe you for our future.

We pray this Sunday afternoon for a way forward, a way forward coming from above- one which will satisfy your people, especial the people of Zimbabwe who are living under a sad life due to some earthly Gods. The people you love. Deliverance and justice will come from you Lord we are very optimistic on that note. You are the author and finisher of life, the Alpha and Omega, Jehovah, the Lord God who has brought us this far.

I pray Lord for the people of Zimbabwe, I pray that they come out of their sandiness and begin to see the strength in them. The strength to stand up to free themselves from architects of Evil, to free themselves from the men and women who are so power hungry such that they have lost their conscious, their inner being. God, evil will not prevail over good; darkness should not prevail over light. Your people went to vote with hope, I believe and you know it Lord, that they were robbed. They were robbed by these Evil men and women.Rise a Moses Lord, a Moses who will lead the people out of the hands of Pharaoh, with a Moses, rise the Joshuas’ and other people who will stay in prayer and focused on Canaan, for Lord we know there is a Canaan. Spending days in the dark, just like the children of Israel in the wilderness, does not mean there is no Canaan. A free Zimbabwe is possible, where the Constitution shall be Supreme, where justice will prevail without favour, where people will practice their freedoms and unleash their potential.

I leave all these to you Almighty God, in the name of your Son and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Baba Jukwa

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