First millionaire in Airtel Money ‘Kutola Chikwama’ unveiled

Malawi’s largest mobile telecommunications company Airtel, has conducted the first draw of its recently launched Kutola Chikwama with Airtel Money promotion where an airtime seller emerged the first millionaire.

Miracle Kumwima, a long time airtime seller based in the country’s commercial city of Blantyre, won a cool K1 million during the draw.

Speaking during the draw at Airtel Malawi headquarters, the company’s Airtel Money Marketing Manager Masiye Mazaza said the promotion was designed to allow any person who is an the innitiatve to have a chance to win any of the millions on offer and thousands of credits in airtime.

He added, “We are mindful of what customers look forward to from us hence we thrive to strengthen our Airtel Money platform through this offer.

“It is importance for us that just as we continuously work to improve our network, increase ur coverage even wider, Airtel Malawi would continue to be responsive to the customer and would continue to roll out various services that are customer centered.”

The 24 year-old Kumwima said with the prize money, she is geared to expand her business base.

“This is a first in my life and I have never dreamt of having such a large amount of money. This is a turning point in my life,” she said.

To enter the promotion, a customer will send MK100 to nickname “Chikwama”. Transaction fee for sending to nickname is MK50.

Each MK100 sent to nickname shall earn customer 3 entries.
Alternatively, any other transaction on Airtel Money will earn a customer an entry.   For instance, every MK100 used, the customer will earn 1 entry. Every additional Mk100 used earns a customer 1 additional entry and so on.

“Any participant will be required to have a minimum of 21entriesto qualify for the weekly draws.  The number of entries earned by a customer does not guarantee the customer winning in the promotion.

However, the number of entries accumulated by a customer increases the chances of winning in the random weekly draws. This is a game of probability,” said Mazaza.

Weekly points will only be used in that week’s draw. A week will be calculated from Monday to Sunday. The customer will start accumulating new points every Monday in the following week.

In January 2011, Airtel Malawi piloted M-Commerce services in Malawi.
The aim of the pilot was to showcase the adaptability and compliance of the product to the key stakeholders.

In November same year,   the Reserve Bank of Malawi issued a go-ahead for us to launch Airtel Money services in the country following Airtel’s successful completion of the pilot phase. The product pilot service was thus relaunched to Airtel Money in line with the brand relaunch that took place around the same time.

The service is therefore already having a transformational effect on people especially the unbanked communities of Malawi who are over 80% of the population. The service enables customers to reduce their dependency on physical cash, provide real time access to their real time balances, in a secure environment.

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