Heavily armed soldiers surround Pa Harry Jammeh’s house at Mile 7

Pa Harry JammehThe home of former Solicitor General, Pa Harry Jammeh, situated at the Mile 7 area, near the Radio Gambia premises has been surrounded by a mix of soldiers and paramilitary officers.

The ASN reporter in Banjul who visited the area on Tuesday evening saw heavily armed security personnel around the vicinity. A group of the security personnel were seated at the back of a parked pick-up truck. Our reporter stated that there were also soldiers standing guard on every direction to the house. Vehicles or people are not allowed to loiter around the area. A few more soldiers have been seen standing with AK47 rifles around the gate of the compound.

The reason for the sudden siege on the ex-Solicitor General’s home is not known, but the ASN reporter in Banjul has reported that a tight security measure has been implemented following the recent wave of escape episodes of detainees who are released bail. The reporter suggested that Pa Harry Jammeh, a brother to fugitive former anti-drug boss, Ben Jammeh, is being targeted for possible assassination by the presidential guards. Reports indicate the Dictator Yahya Jammeh is upset at the escape of Ben and has given orders to soldiers to mount watch on the younger brother and kill him any time he attempts to leave his house unauthorized. According to security sources, Pa Harry, is likely to go missing should he attempt to escape and the government would give the excuse that he has escaped.

Pa Harry is literally under siege now and stays indoors continuously unless on occasions when he goes to court or reports to the NIA as part of his routine.


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