Malian NGO endorses presidential run-off

BAMAKO — The second round of Mali’s presidential elections was conducted in “a satisfactory manner” across the country, the Citizen’s Centre for Electoral Observation (POCE), a non-governmental organisation, said in a statement released on Sunday.“Generally, the voters came out in good numbers to accomplish their civic duty, despite the strong rains in Kayes, Koulikoro and Bamako regions,” the statement said.
At the same time, the POCE observers did not witness any “major incident during the voting process.”

The association said some of the dysfunctions that were witnessed were easily sorted out after its observers and supervisors intervened and alerted the electoral officials to correct them. The vote counting and tallying process is going on well, the statement affirmed.

“By the time voting was coming to an end, the situation on the conduct of the voting operations was satisfactory in 77.5 percent of the polling stations,” the association said in the statement. — Al Jazeera

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