Man wants to leave wife for another MAN

A marriage of seven years is reportedly on the verse of collapse after Netsai Chuma of Makokoba suburb in Bulawayo allegedly discovered that she was sharing her husband, Desmond Mukuwa with another man.

Chuma is said to have found a message in her husband’s phone which read: “It seems I never get enough of you and now it’s high time you dump your wife and move in with me. I love you so much and you continue satisfying me in bed, I promise to give you all that you want.”

After reading the message, Chuma had concluded that it was a message from her husband’s girlfriend, but later got the shock of of her life when she discovered that it was from a man. The pictures on the phone said it all. There were alleged pictures of her husband in the arms of another man. A reliable source close to the couple confirmed the incident.

“After seeing the pictures, Chuma who was confused as she could not understand what was happening phoned the unsaved mobile number which had sent the message. A man answered the phone and confirmed that he was the one who had sent the messages,” said the source.

When Chuma asked the man about the meaning of the message, he reportedly refused to divulge more information, but instead, told the woman to get all answers from her husband.Upon speaking to her husband’s “male small house”, Chuma then realised that she was allegedly married to a gay.

“Mukuwa, who was coming from taking a bath, found his wife busy on his phone. He snatched it from her, but it was already too late as Chuma had discovered a lot about her husband. Upon realising that he had been caught, Mukuhwa started shouting and accusing his wife of invading his privacy,” said the source.

After the misunderstanding, Mukuwa reportedly told his wife that he needed space and therefore packed his clothes and left for an unknown destiny.When reached for comment, Chuma confirmed the incident, but refused to divulge what really transpired.
“As it now, I am not sure whether we are still together or he has moved to stay with that man. I think as for now, I cannot say much because I have to discuss the issue with him.”Mukuwa ‘diplomatically’ refused to speak to the news crew. He refused to neither confirm nor deny the allegations.

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