Morocco’s Mawazine Festival ranks second in the world

By Youssef Sourgo

Morocco World News

Casablanca, August 13, 2013

Mawazine, the Moroccan festival of world music that attracts people from all over the world, has recently been ranked as the second biggest festival in the world, according to a classification made by, a website dedicated to global music and popular culture.’s ranking departed from the belief that the biggest festivals in the world are those organized in Britain and in the U.S., as it had been the case in the past. Today, other countries, including Morocco, have stolen the spotlight from those two nations.

Topping the list of biggest festivals in the world is Donauinselfest festival organized in Vienna, Ausrtia, which attracted 3.2 million spectators in 2013.

Morocco’s annual festival, Mawazine, comes second after attracting 2.5 million people in May 2013. According to, Mawazine continues to “beat its own attendance record.” 

Though still unknown to many nations worldwide, the excellent records of the Moroccan festival Mawazine continue to draw attention.

No fewer than 370,000 people attended the concerts organized on the occasion of the 6th day of the Festival, according to a communiqué published by “Maroc Cultures”, the body behind the organization of the annual event.

The American diva, Rihanna, attracted more than 150 000 spectators on the first day of the festival, while Algerian Rai star, Cheb Mami attracted 120 spectators.

But David Guetta’s concert attracted the highest number ever. The sought-after French Dj attracted an audience that went a little bit beyond 185.000 fans.

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