Doosan Portable Power and Montabert at BAUMA Africa

Exhibition:    BAUMA Africa 2013
Venue:        Johannesburg, South Africa
Date:            18-21 September 2013
Stand No:     Indoor – H5.301

Doosan International South Africa (PTY) Ltd, based at Alrode in South Africa, is presenting a selection of products from Doosan Portable Power (DPP) and Montabert on Indoor Stand No H5.301 at the inaugural BAUMA Africa Exhibition in Johannesburg from 18-21 September 2013.

Doosan Portable Power is a market leading manufacturer of portable compressors and mobile lighting systems for the African market.

The portable compressor range is one of the most comprehensive available, with free air deliveries from 2 to 45 m³/min (70 to 1600 cfm) and operating pressures from 7 to 35 bar (100 to 500 psig).  Complementing the wide selection of Tier 3 High Ambient models in the range are 14 Tier 1 or Tier 2 engine-powered models, particularly suited to compressed air applications in the African market.

At BAUMA Africa, visitors will be able to see the popular 7/41 compressor, which supplies 4.0 m3/min (140 cfm) of compressed air at 7 bar and is one of a number of models that can be equipped with an integral 6.5 kVA generator to provide complementary electrical power for lights, tools, pumps and fusion welding.

Like all DPP compressors, the 7/41 model is ‘built to be used’ providing the highest level of durability, productivity and serviceability.  Well-positioned fuel tanks featuring large size fillers limit the risk of fuel spillage.  All models have as standard an LAT (Limited Ambient Temperature) of 46°C.  For applications in hot climates, the High Ambient option offers an LAT of 52°C.

Security features include a lockable canopy and lockable steel instrument panel cover.  In addition, a folding lift bail reduces the risk of theft by keeping the lifting eye within the compressor enclosure.  There are also customer livery and laser etching options for the canopy that can provide a further deterrent to theft.  An optional built-in storage compartment offers the space to house tools, again reducing the risk of theft and simplifying transport requirements.

New Light Tower for African Markets

Alongside the 7/41 compressor will be the new 50 Hz LSC (LightSource® Compact) portable light tower, designed specifically for use in African markets.  Applications include lighting on road and bridge construction sites, all general construction and rental applications as well providing lighting for special events, emergency and disaster relief, oil and gas drilling and for mining and quarrying locations.

Also available as a 60 Hz model, the LSC light tower has a new power train based around the Kubota D1005 water-cooled diesel engine providing 8.5 kW at 1500 RPM (1800 RPM for the 60 Hz version). Thanks to a high output alternator, the power rating of the LSC light tower has been increased to 6 kW. The additional power allows operators to fully utilise the light tower’s four 1,000-watt metal halide floodlights at the same time as using the unit’s receptacle power function. The fuel tank capacity allows an extended runtime of 64 hours (55 hours for the 60 Hz version).

Of particular interest for the rental industry, the compact frame maximises loads for transporting on trucks.  12 fully assembled units can be accommodated on a standard 48 foot flatbed trailer.

Hydraulic Breakers and Drifters from Montabert

Key features of the display of equipment from Montabert, a world renowned leader in the design and production of hydraulic equipment, will be the company’s world famous range of hydraulic breakers and hydraulic drifters for drilling applications.

At BAUMA Africa, the focus will be on the Silver Clip range of light hydraulic breakers for carriers ranging from 700 kg to 7 tonne.  Demonstrating the easy to use, high performance and reduced maintenance design of the Silver Clip range, the SC36 hydraulic breaker on the stand is intended for use on carriers with weights from 4 to 10 tonne.  The SC36 breaker has a frequency of 1550 blows/min and an oil flow of 55 to 100 l/min.

Designed for trenching, concrete demolition and general excavation work, an important feature of the Silver Clip range is the cylindrical design of the breakers, which provides easy access to internal and external components, whilst preventing overheating to ensure high productivity and uptime.  The breakers also incorporate a very effective soundproofing system, whereby the striking assembly is held top and bottom by suspension systems that are not in contact with the outer cylindrical housing.

In addition, Silver Clip breakers present a completely new internal design with fewer moving parts and no tie rods.  As a result, the breakers can be completely disassembled in less than five minutes, without the need for special tooling, reducing maintenance costs even further.  Another novel feature of the Silver Clip range is the patented treated steel ring system, the ‘Clip’, which retains the bushing of the tool and protects the greasing system.  This ring is very easily removed with a multi-purpose tool supplied with the breaker, to release the sliding bushing and the tool instantly.

Montabert hydraulic rock drills or drifters combine a percussive system and a rotative system to drill holes into rock.  The percussive system strikes the drill steel at 2000 to 5000 strikes per minute. Simultaneously, the drifter provides a rotation from 100 to 400 rounds per minute.  With these two movements combined to provide low torque, high RPM and high frequency, Montabert drifters are able to very efficiently drill holes into rock.

The HC 109 drifter model from Montabert will be shown at BAUMA Africa.  Weighing 142 kg, the HC 109 drifter has an overall length of 1095 mm and is ideal for producing holes in the range of diameters from 64 to 102 mm.  The HC 109 drifter is ideal for tunnelling and benching applications.

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