Highlights of Moroccan editorials, August 15

Rabat, August 15, 2013 (MAP)

The 34th anniversary of the liberation of the southern city of Oued Eddah, the delay in drafting the budget broad lines and the national political scene are the highlights of Moroccan editorials published this Thursday Aug. 15th, 2013.

Annahar Al Maghribia writes that Moroccans are marking glorious days of national resistance that symbolized the nation symbiosis, a rock into which all plots targeting territorial integrity smash.

This anniversary, an opportunity to remember the Green March and the Sahara liberation, inspires us and rekindles the patriotic flame to carry on mobilisation and resistance on the path of progress, development and major reforms launched by HM King Mohammed VI, says the editorialist.

Of the delay in drafting the budget broad lines, “L’Economiste” notes that the head of government was supposed to refer this document in the beginning of June to his cabinet members, warning that persisting in the same mode of slowness and apathy could weaken the foundations of the Moroccan state.

On its part “Aujourd’hui le Maroc” says, regarding the Moroccan political scene, it is not normal that politician maneuvers continue to impact the operation of institutions, arguing that since the 2011 legislative elections, political parties have been incredibly good at creating side fights and postponing real issues, thus wasting time and squandering opportunities.

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