Obama “strongly condemns” violence against Egyptian civilians

ANKARA, August 15, 2013 (AA)

US President Barack Obama has said US strongly condemns violence against Egyptian civilians, adds Egyptian government should lift state of emergency

United States (US) President Barack Obama said US strongly condemns violence against Egyptian civilians by adding Egyptian government “should lift state of emergency” related to Wednesday’s violence in Egypt.

Referring to American history and the Arab Spring, Obama expressed that “democratic traditions are measured not in days or months,” but rather required generations to develop.

Obama emphasized the neutrality of the US’s stance and how the US was unwilling to side with any party or figures.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with accusations about the US siding with any groups, whether in favor or opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama asserted, “that kind of approach will not help Egypt succeed.”

He said “America can not determine the future of Egypt. We do not take side of any political party.”

“We sustain our commitment to Egypt and its people. US ?extends its consolation to those who were killed,” said Obama.

He also said US cancelled bi-annual military exercises with Egypt but would not cut military aid.

United States gives $1.55 billion in aid it sends to Egypt each year.

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