These Surreal Video Portraits Are Terrifying In The Best Way


Donato Sansone and Enrico Ascoli

Once you’re done recoiling in fear, they’re pretty great

Artists Enrico Ascoli and Donato Sansone (who goes by the name Milkyeyes and whose very, very NSFW work you can find here) teamed up to create these nightmarish video portraits as part of a project simply called “Portrait.” The mini-videos are actually still images manipulated multiple times and strung together for a few seconds.

The duo eventually hopes to make about 50 of the images and add them to one video, which would make for a three-minute-ish loop of the distorted faces. Until then, you’ll have to settle for these 16 seconds of weirdly beautiful terror.

[Donato Sansone via Creative Applications Network]


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