The Week In Numbers: On-Demand Quantum Teleportation, A New Mammal Species, And More

Hello, Olinguito

Mark Gurney

2 pounds: the weight of the olinguito, an adorable carnivorous mammal species just discovered in South America

20 millikelvins: the temperature at which scientists recently achieved reliable, on-demand quantum teleportation

700 miles per hour: the speed at which Elon Musk’s proposed Hyperloop railway system would shoot passengers across the country

50 million years: the amount of time these two galaxies will be colliding, spewing superheated gas and x-rays into space

3,467 miles: the slice of Mars captured in a new radar image from the Mars Express orbiter

17 years: the prison term this ex-chief of a U.S. military supplier just earned for insider trading, fraud, lying to auditors, and obstruction of justice (eesh)

$15,000: the funding three college students need to build an electricity-free light bulb powered by bacteria

6 percent: the portion of medical marijuana studies from the past year that investigated the drug’s benefits, rather than its harms

165 million years: the age of a newly discovered fossil with preserved hair residue-evidence that fur evolved long before the rise of modern mammals

3 inches: the height of a goofy-looking leaping robot that can control its landing by moving its tail in midair

18: the number of whiskers on the autonomous Shrewbot research robot

$900: the price of a new GPS receiver that offers navigation accurate to an inch

67: the documented number of uncontacted people living in the rainforest of Brazil. Government workers recently captured rare footage of one isolated tribe.

$1,325: the price of a paddleboard made from coconut husks


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