Vavi speaks: 5 startling revelations

vavi010 Vavi speaks: 5 startling revelations

Cosatu secretary general Zwelinzima Vavi spoke out today after being suspended by the labour federation’s central executive committee on Wednesday.

Here are five startling revelations from the press conference.

1. Vavi will challenge the decision to institute disciplinary proceedings against him. He believes his suspension is unfair and he wasn’t given a chance to challenge this.

2. An “intelligence report” by “rogue agents” smearing him as an agent of the US and sympathetic to Agang was circulated among senior ANC members to discredit him.

3. The intelligence report was drawn up by “those at the feeding troughs of corruption” to break Cosatu.

4. Those who compiled the intelligence report circulated among senior ANC leaders are out for his life, not the Iranians.

5. He is not about to break away and form his own party, but his enemies want us to believe that.

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