Wish a Happy Eid to a Stranger

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The idea is as simple as creating bounds with other people by celebrating Eid with them, the kind of celebration that goes beyond family or people with the same blood DNA but that touches everybody.

So I created a post that says: Come wish a happy eid to a stranger. then whomever comes, I was giving him/her a note that says: Eid Mubarak, wish happy eid to someone you do not know and pass this note please. Then they had to do the same – go to a stranger, make their greetings and then them to pass it on.

The goal was to create a chain of Eid greetings between strangers, make them say beautiful wishes to each other, hug, or kiss each other..in order to revive our basic human values: tolerance, sharing, openness to the other etc.

Some people came to hug me, it was surprising yet wonderful, some others came with a big smile to shake my hand, some people were engaging in conversations asking why I am doing it and if there is something behind all this.. (no no, it s unconditional). Others were careless, and some were more hesitant to come and preferred to say happy Eid from far away.

The best things in life, such as our genuine human relationships, money cannot buy. With a simple gesture, we can practice kindness, be open to the other, share our big moments and celebrations, and make other people smile. It was wonderful to see that people were actually doing it, right away. They engage in conversations with other people, they greeted them and gave them the note. It was an intense and emotional moment for me. I was fulfilled.



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