Gambia: Mile 2 Killers named

Tabara Samba, a Senegalese national, was among those executed

Tabara Samba, a Senegalese national, was among those executed

As bits and pieces about the abrupt executions of nine prisoners by the Gambian regime last August begin to surface, ASN has been reliably informed that the people that carried out the killings are elite members of the presidential guards known as Personal Protection Officers (PPOs) headed by one Saul Badjie.

ASN sources indicate that Saul Badjie, who in recent years has emerged as the head of the most deadly unit of Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s regime, led a group of officers who literally dragged the prisoners out of the Mile 2 prisons and took them to an unknown location. The location of the killings is not yet known. However, ASN was able to confirm that the killings were not done by firing squad contrary to what the regime had claimed, but that the prisoners were butchered with knives and bayonets. The ASN source who was talking in a rush and promised to come up with more details, indicated that the prisoners were killed for ritual purposes.

According to the source (who was by the time of the executions a top officer in the security apparatus and was present during an emergency meeting the night of the executions), Dictator Jammeh was directed by his deity which he worships in his village of Kanilai to spill the blood of eight men and one women as a means of protecting his presidency. After thorough thought, Dictator Jammeh had toyed with the idea of killing journalists, or causing a coup scare so that he would kill some soldiers in the mayhem that would ensure. Finally, he settled on killing the prisoners as he stated that doing so would be easier to give an explanation for.

Because the killings were for ritual purposes, the bodies were reportedly tied in brown sacks and transported to an undisclosed location. There is no knowledge of what the dictator did with the bodies, as they are yet to be returned to their families one year on.



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