Gambia: Senegal threatens Journalist Abubacarr Saidykhan with extradition

Abubacar SaidykhanThe Senegalese Government has threatened to extradite Gambian journalist, Abubacarr Saidykhan should he continue to be opposed to the Gambian authorities while living in exile.

Saidykhan who recently had a meeting with two senior officials of the Sall Government demanded to know the fate of his asylum application which has been unnecessarily dragged without determination. During the said meeting between the two officials – a male and a female – he was informed that Senegal will not allow any Gambian fugitive in Senegal to continue to be actively involved in opposition to the authorities in The Gambia.

Saidykhan was asked whether he currently keeps contact and shares information with other Gambian dissidents outside Senegal to which he responded in the positive. The two officials paused for a while before warning him that his actions are unacceptable within their borders. They reminded him about the case of the late Gambian revolutionary Kukoi Samba Sanyang and a Chadian journalist who were both expelled out of Senegal earlier this year.

At that juncture, the two Senegalese officials informed Mr. Saidykhan that their government will not condone any dissident’s actions to affect the relationship between the two countries. They therefore stated that Senegal will not guarantee the safety and security of Gambia dissidents, before ending the meeting and asking Saidykhan to give them some time before they can officially communicate to him the outcome of his case.


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