Man (29) sells fresh foreskin to 2 women for US$150

A Zimbabwean man claims that he was offered US$150 for his foreskin by two women and he took it in exchange of the flesh.

The 29-year-old man, Prince Masimbiti from Queens Park suburb said he was offered the money by two women who had offered him a lift from the city centre two weeks ago. He said after agreeing to the offer, the women drove to the outskirts of the city and one of them performed the ‘circumcision’.

As per arrangement, they gave him the money and some pills which he was supposed to take to aid a speedy recovery. Masimboti said the women told him that they wanted to use the foreskin to help a relative who was sick as the situation was desperate.

“When I got into their car I greeted them and they drove for about a kilometre before they started talking to me asking on how I was and other stuff. After a while one of them asked me if I had been circumcised. I asked why she wanted to know and she said it was because getting circumcised was the right thing to do considering the HIV/AIDS times we are living in.

“I told them that I had not and they offered to ‘circumcise’ me. By then I was shocked and asked them if they were doctors and one of them said she was. I couldn’t trust them and I refused,” he said.

Masimboti said he later agreed after the women told him the ‘real reason’ they wanted his foreskin for.

“They told me that their relative was gravely ill and a sangoma who was treating him said they should bring a fresh foreskin. because they had assured me that they were doctors I agreed to help,” he added.

The man said the women assured him that the procedure was safe.

“They gave me the money and some pills and said I should take until they are finished so that I don’t have problems. I have not had any problems since then and I suppose they were genuine,” he said.

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