The changing seasons – Poem

By Hafid Chahidi

Morocco World News

Agadir,  Morocco, August 17, 2013

The summer has come with its fancied heat;

Children of all over the world go camping

Enjoying the season of going to the beach;

The summer about which pupils were thinking

As a suitable station to catch one’s breath;

Alas! It is about to leave…


Autumn has promised to appear once again;

Trees and nature seem very lugubrious

For the dying leaves which will disappear

In the earth’s old slack dead archives;

Giving the torch to the season of rain;

The winter has come with some drops of rain;

Its cold winds remove the residue of summer;

Peasants are expecting much more of winter

To make the green color alive again;


After the dry; tyrannical rule of the summer

People would prefer to huddle together

For The cold weather is getting much higher;

Air conditioners which families are about to hire

Seem helpless to the cold will of winter;

The season of winter has been jailed by the police of weather

To give way to the marvelous spring

To persist all the good green things on earth;

Sunflowers seem very ecstatic with its advent;

Trees and animals stand fervently welcoming spring

Wishing him all the best…

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