LinkedIn Growing Up: Opens Up To High School Students Over 13, Adds University Pages


While there has been quite a lot of discussion about how Facebook may be losing its cache among younger users who are going elsewhere for their social media kicks, today LinkedIn made a bold move to start reaching out itself to this very lucrative, but fickle audience: today it is beginning to promote itself to high school students (“13+ for most countries around the world” a spokesperson explains to me) and it has launched pages for universities. LinkedIn hopes that both moves will not only expand the reach of how people use its site as their default anchor for resume-style information online. And also how it, too, could potentially tap into this user base to begin long-term relationships.

Both of these are getting rolled out globally, with the younger users starting to get accepted beginning September 12.

LinkedIn tells me that these two new initiatives “are really the first step[s] towards a longer vision to help students, parents, and university faculty get a head start on career mapping.” With younger students this is an interesting development: it’s aimed at those who are already starting to think about what careers they might like to pursue and who they might start to get connected with now to achieve that. While interships are not part of today’s announcements, this seems like a very natural extension of what LinkedIn already offers for jobseekers — with recruitment recently getting a bump when LinkedIn finally made job listings searchable from mobile devices.

The university pages, meanwhile, will start with listings for about 200 institutions, including NYU and the INSEAD business school in Europe.

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