Matthew Panzarino Joins TechCrunch As Senior Editor

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Matthew Panzarino has been a professional photographer, hobbyist chef, hardware tinkerer, independent Apple blogger, and most recently the Managing Editor at The Next Web.

He’s has made a name for himself in the tech media world as a writer relentlessly covering Apple and Twitter, in addition to a broad range of startups. Less obviously, he has also impressed us with the scrappy, competitive news operation he helped build at TNW.

And so, after a year of trying to hire him — which at one point involved a long drive to his home in Fresno — we’re pleased to welcome Matthew Panzarino (@panzer) to TechCrunch as a senior editor. He’ll continue covering interesting companies, while working behind the scenes to help the rest of the team develop great stories.

Like this, this and this.

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